Film Is Fun :: The Grand Finale’

Recap :: Film Is Fun Workshop 5

The last workshop we did was all about combining natural light and speedlites. We used 2 off camera flashes to fill and control the light and help enhance the effect of natural light. The workshop was to be a step in helping us further be able to do a shoot outdoors and enhance the light with some external lighting and make it pop. This shall be especially useful for the grand finale of this workshop series that shall be in Elementaita, on the shores of the Lake. More information about that workshop below in this post.

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the workshop and of Steve & I teaching the class.

We are grateful to Sylvia Gichia & Kuona Arts Center for graciously hosting us for this workshop. It was a great experience being in the midst of great art.

This (below) is what I was shooting here (above).


Film Is Fun :: The Grand Finale’

Finally after doing 5 elaborate beginner level classes(all leading up to this), we have the 6th and final workshop of the series where we shall get to shoot all day. This time all attendees shall have about 30min-1hr of personal shooting time with Steve & just kinda coaching them along to get the most out of their shot.

Our location this time is the Pink Lakeman hotel in Lake Elementaita. The serene and scenic lake shall be the backdrop for our photography and it shall be interesting combining the beautiful landscapes with beautiful models. I call it a win win. We shall have 3 models, a stylist and a make up artist to fully cater to the needs of the shoot and create a look that shall be suitable for the shoot. Groups of workshop attendees shall be each others’ assistants, develop shots and shoot as if for clients. The best work from each attendee shall be displayed here on my website soon after.

The cost of the workshop caters for transportation and lunch at the Pink Lakeman. As always, it is first come first serve so I’d advice you to book this one of a kind workshop as early as possible.

To give you an idea, below are photos of the behind the scenes of a OneTouchLive session we had with oneTouch at Hells Gate about a year? ago. We all collaborated to create images for individual use and everyone worked together to this end. The MUA and models were amazing and I think the photos were also kinda cool.

And some of the shots I took this day.

So the moral of the story is


The workshop is put together by Amina for the Workshop Company. As always, it’s first come first serve. Hope to see you then.

You can book by calling Amina 0722-134575 and/or emailing workshops[at]