Film Is Fun :: Lighting + Framing

Hey guys. Workshop number 5 is upon us. This is the last in the beginner series of the workshops and I’m happy that we have come so far from the limited knowledge to higher knowledge.

Last time we learn’t how to shoot more than one studio light and learn’t how to control light and have fun with light and saw all the different stuff we could do to make creative portraits. Steve Kitoto & I shall now take you through our own processes that enable us to get the kind of images we do in outdoor situation combined with a flash. This balance achieved can help make beautiful lit portraits. We shall also take a holistic approach to an outdoor shoot and inject some fun into this.

This time we have the pleasure of being hosted by the cool guys at Kuona Trust (the center for visual arts in Kenya). The workshop is put together by Amina for the Workshop Company. As always, it’s first come first serve. Hope to see you on Saturday.

You can book by calling Amina 0722-134575 and/or emailing workshops[at]