Hey guys. I’m happy to announce, albeit late, Workshop number 3. Having tackled Basic Steps to Better Photography and Basic steps to better Composition, we now look at Basic steps to better Lighting. The focus this time shall be studio lighting and using just one light. The way to learn is to start at the most basic and then heap up on it with experience and skill and practice. We shall learn how to use studio light and learn how to control light to get the effect we want and manipulate it to make creative portraits. Steve Kitoto & I shall take you through our own processes that enable us to get the kind of images we do so that you can have a good idea of where to start with studio lighting.

AS usual, the location shall be emailed to the confirmed attendees by our trusty administrator Amina. The workshop is put together by Amina for the Workshop Company. As always, it’s first come first serve. Hope to see you on Saturday.

You can book by calling Amina 0722-134575 or emailing amijasho[at]