I’m A City Changer

“I’m a City Changer” is a global movement convened by the UN Habitat to share and spread individual, corporate and public initiatives that improve our cities.

I’ve made up my mind to be a city changer, and you can too. We’ll autoupdate this dedicated page with instagram photos and tweets tagged #imacitychanger. Am eager to see how we can transform the perceptions and attitudes towards our cities, so join in and be part of the revolution!

  1. Graciela Carrillo
    Graciela Carrillo: Las expectativas rigen el comportamiento. Si cambias tus expectativas, cambiarás tus resultados. #ImACityChanger

  2. Graciela Carrillo
    Graciela Carrillo: 'Las ciudades son sistemas de orientación espacial cuya función es la de generar OPORTUNIDADES para las personas'. #ImACityChanger