Wallpaper Monday [REVISITED] – Umoja ni Nguvu

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Umoja Ni Nguvu_by Mutua Matheka_blog

Hey guys. I’m not here to preach a peace message. I know you’ve heard enough. I just want to say, VOTE. Exercise your right to be heard, your right to have an opinion. It’s the one place you don’t have to listen to anyone, no one can tell you who to vote for as that’s your choice. Exercise this right. Stick it up to the ones you don’t want in power.

Meanwhile, this is an image that was wallpaper a very long time back in my previous website but I think this is a perfect time to bring it back to remind us of the colors that tie us together. This is a symbol of what we stand for so if you want that reminder and to remind others, download it and share it as much as possible.

Umoja Ni Nguvu.

*mobile & desktop version*

Umoja Ni Nguvu_by Mutua Matheka_Wallpaper_LOOK 1

*iPad & desktop version*

Umoja Ni Nguvu_by Mutua Matheka_Wallpaper_LOOK 2

*facebook cover*

Umoja Ni Nguvu_by Mutua Matheka_Facebook Cover

Today as an added touch, I have found lots of cool facebook covers on facebook about the Kenya Elections and thought you guys may like them and may want to use them as your facebook covers too. The respective artists are also named on the covers. Pick one and use it.

facebook covers_elections-3

facebook covers_elections-4

The above 2 are by John Jumbi.

facebook covers_elections-11

facebook covers_elections-10

facebook covers_elections-9

facebook covers_elections-8

facebook covers_elections-6

facebook covers_elections-2

Swing Vote 2013. Find them online & on Facebook.

facebook covers_elections-5

by Albert Obara.

facebook covers_elections-1

facebook covers_elections-12

find Peperuka on Facebook.

91_Team Kenya_by Mutua Matheka_Facebook Cover

last one is mine from later last year.

Do enjoy the elections tomorrow and may we tell our own stories. Be our own citizen watch. Be accountable to ourselves for a better Kenya, ourselves.