Wallpaper Monday [81] – Apocalyptic Nairobi

Thanks for downloading!

Good morning Kenyan’s and people of the world alike. It is with a sleepy eye that I address ye today. I kinda started working on this image late so as I go to sleep, most of you guys shall be waking up, such is life. All so you find some nice wallpaper to adorn thine screens today.

This is the last in my #imacitychanger wallpaper. The theme is still very apocalyptic in the last of the series so next week we move away from Nairobi a bit. I definitely had to download some skies and cosmos textures from deviantart.com to enable me to do this. It’s NOT how I photographed it, just in case some of you think Mutua is a liar. The bottom where the buildings are is as is but newer clouds were needed to create the mood I was going for. If you like it, please feel free to download it.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the ‘I’m a city changer’ campaign last week by taking photos everywhere. It was fun seeing what everyone was and still is shooting. We had photos from London, New York, Abuja, Perth, Atlanta, Istanbul, Australia, and many other countries I forget including our very own Nairobi. We were so happy that so many people wanted to show what they love about their city. I definitely have to give it up for the Kenyans who went above and beyond to show us how much love they got for their cities. If you are wondering what i’m blabbing about, please take a look at all the photos that were submitted by people all over the world in the ‘I’m A City Changer‘ page.

In conclusion, please read this article that was written in regard to my work on Africa is a Country.