Wallpaper Monday [285] – Twinkle Twinkle [by @AfrikaLives]

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285_Twinkle Twinkle_By Solo_Blog

Hello everyone. Today, I feature an image by a resident Wallpaperer, (Wallpaper-er?), Solo aka @RootsOfAfrika on Instagram and @AfrikaLives on Twitter. He’s a part of an amazing collective of Nairobi photographers, time-lapsers & designers called XiXo Collective. They just released a massive new film called “Nairobi Urban Rush.” If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest that you do. Go now! Now, damnit.

I also think you should check out Solo’s work if you haven’t.

He posts on Instagram : @RootsofAfrika

Twitter : @AfrikaLives

If you like the wallpaper, you should download it [for free] from the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

For those that require a larger size, you can now download it in 4k (3840×2025).

285_Twinkle Twinkle_By Solo_Wallpaper_APPLE

*Facebook & Twitter Cover*

285_Twinkle Twinkle_By Solo_Facebook Cover

285_Twinkle Twinkle_By Solo_Wallpaper_iPhone

285_Twinkle Twinkle_By Solo_Wallpaper_iPhones

285_Twinkle Twinkle_By Solo_Wallpaper_ANDROID

That’s all for the day. Don’t forget to let your star shine. God bless.