Wallpaper Monday [281] – Nile Nights [by @The_Mentalyst]

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You guys already know how mad jealous I was of my friend @The_Mentalyst when he did his massive Egypt tour a while back. Best thing was that he brought us a huge amount of wallpapers from Egypt. Winning. I love this image of Cairo overlooking the Nile. I love seeing images of African cities looking modern and showing the architecture in them. I just think it unscrambles some of the ideas we have of African cities (like Egypt and pyramids only). So yes, I am on a mission to unscramble Africa, or at least try, and I love when people do it too.

See more of TJ’s work on his Instagram; @The_Mentalyst.

If you like the wallpaper, you should download it [for free] from the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

For those that require a larger size, you can now download it in 4k (3840×2025).


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