Wallpaper Monday [199] – Actions Speak Louder [Made with Love]

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Hey guys. Today I teamed up with the creative powerhouse and all round good vibes guy at “Made with Love” to bring you this simple message on wallpaper as we celebrate Mashujaa day in Kenya. I have always believed in Actions over Words (not as a way to discount words) but if you always talk and do nothing, in my opinion, that talk is worth squat. Wr have grand plans as a nation and I am sure that as you read this (assuming you guys actually read this) you have grand plans of your own. I know I do. The more I talk about the plans and actually do nothing, the further away I get from achieving them. In a growing narcissistic society that sees “me” more than “we”, aim to do something a little more than you talk about it, may we all.

One of the thing that drew me to Musa’s work was his series of #MisemoGIFs which were made from Swahili sayings and some saying from music and the streets. I thought this was an ingenious way of creating cultural content for the modern Kenyan. I have always been curious about how to make culture relevant to my generation without it being boring and this, to me is one of the ways. Check out these few examples below and be sure to check out more of his work on his Tumblr (Made with Love).

Akili ni nywele_1

Akili ni nywele_2

Home is where

Za Jana

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If you like the wallpaper, you can download it [for free] from the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

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Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Thank you Musa for the incredible wallpaper. God bless you guys and I wish you a happy Mashujaa Day.