Wallpaper Monday [184] – Striped

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Wallpaper Monday_Stripped_[by Mutua Matheka]_Blog-4

Hey guys. Those who follow me on Instagram (@truthslinger) know that I was at the Nairobi National Park this past week to hunt shots and enjoy some quiet away from the bustling city. It was really cool. We got to see 5 lions (3 that were on the hunt) though we didn’t see the hunt, and lots of giraffe and zebra. Today’s post, is about the zebra. There is something about the stripes and the contrast and the fact that they don’t all look the same that is exciting. The patterns are ridiculous and hypnotise me, the good way.

Check out some extra shots I have to share before getting to the wallpaper. If you love the zebra patterns like I do, this should be fun for you.

Wallpaper Monday_Stripped_[by Mutua Matheka]_Blog-6

Wallpaper Monday_Stripped_[by Mutua Matheka]_Blog-2

Wallpaper Monday_Stripped_[by Mutua Matheka]_Blog-7

Wallpaper Monday_Stripped_[by Mutua Matheka]_Blog-1

Wallpaper Monday_Stripped_[by Mutua Matheka]_Blog-5

Wallpaper Monday_Stripped_[by Mutua Matheka]_Blog-3



If you like the wallpaper, you can download it [for free] from the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

186_Stripes_by Mutua Matheka_blog

186_Stripes_by Mutua Matheka_Wallpaper_APPLE

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186_Stripes_by Mutua Matheka_Facebook Cover

186_Stripes_by Mutua Matheka_Wallpaper Monday_App

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