Wallpaper Monday [161] – Dusk & Ruins

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Lake Tanganyika is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Bujumbura provided the perfect setup for us t end an East African roadtrip we did. On the sandy beaches of the fresh water lake. I love photographing sunsets because none is like the other and to me, it’s a signal that God is smiling on me. I think photography has put me more in touch with my spirituality because I see nature presented in such a magnificent way that I have no choice but to believe that something, someone bigger than me in control of stuff I can’t even begin to fathom. Who paints in such colours that stun every time they appear in the sky? With such brush strokes that don’t repeat themselves ever? I am in awe.

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  • Ihejirika B

    With this, it has never been more evident,clear and absolute that beauty lies everywhere even in things and places thought of as ruined. Looked at from the positive, positive is seen and beauty brought out in the most amazing ways. I love it