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Happy New Year guys. No it ain’t too late to be saying Happy New Year. The year is still pretty new, no?

I had a fantastic December with lots of family things going down and very little photography. I am just glad that I am able to lay the camera down for a while and chill a bit. Now it seems like the year has started on such a fast note. It’s only 6th and it already feels like 15th or something.

I have never been good at resolutions and I am not going to start now but one thing I really hope is that this year we have a lot more ‘Wallpaper Monday’ features happening. There is so much going on in the African continent photographically and I hope to share a lot more images as wallpaper from the many amazing African photographers there are out there. If you are one of them, feel free to drop me a comment or email (mutuamatheka at gmail.com) to get your image featured on Wallpaper Monday. Let us get Africa on our screens.

Other than that, I wish you guys a successful year. A year where we all strive to be better, for ourselves, to our country and to do good, even when it is hard to do so. I know this is my desire.

Also, I become a dad this year, in a few months. Yay!!

So this image was shot during a North Kenya tour for Safaricom, Capture Kenya. I photographed it in the wilderness just a few kilometers after Isiolo. We were driving toward the desert looking for a herd of camels or donkeys to photograph when we saw hundreds of camels and stopped to find the owner and ask to photograph. We walked into the bush with our hands up calling out for them to see us and see that our intentions were good. Thankfully they were friendly and agreed for me to shoot, without killing us with the Ak47 they had.

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Do have a fantastic first day at work. God bless you all.