Wallpaper Monday [156] – Lake Turkana

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158_Lake Turkana_by Mutua Matheka_blog

Hey guys. Happy Monday. Even though, being December, I doubt y’all are happy being in the office getting work done while the rest of us are out enjoying December :). I am not an evil person, just pointing out somethings. So anyway, I shot this image in North Kenya on the shores of Lake Turkana in a place called Oloyangalani. Beautiful place. Raw nature out here. Got to take a dip in the lake even though barely 5 minutes in I was called out on account of Crocodiles. I saw none but buh humburg. Northern Kenya is a gem that you want to see sometime before you die, believe me when I say that. And when you decide to visit, talk to Safaridesk who got us there safe and sound.

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Enjoy your day and week. God bless.