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Wallpaper Monday [145] – We Are One | Mutua Matheka

Wallpaper Monday [145] – We Are One

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2 days ago gunmen terrorists took over a mall in Nairobi and shot and killed 68 people now and injured more than 150 more in a hideous, cowardly attack. A few people are still hostage under the terrorists as I write this at 4.11am still unable to sleep. I am heartbroken for all the people that lost their lives, for their families, their friends. For the future’s they could have had, people they would have met, loved. Heartbroken that people lost lives because of someone’s lunacy. My heart goes out to those afflicted directly and indirectly. We are one.

On the other hand, I am overjoyed by the resilience of the people of this nation. People who have encouraged each other, given hope in their messages and actions. Police officers (who we have made fun of in the past) who went in to extract trapped ones inside. Sometimes going in without any protection. All authorities on site that have sacrificed comfort to help and try solve the situation. The Kenya Red Cross and volunteers who are helping out on site in many many ways. People at Visa Oshwal counseling victims and keeping records to help others find missing loved ones. Victims who decided to stay after being saved, to help save more people. All giving blood to help any that may need it. Volunteers coordinating the blood drive and donation centers. People donating milk, water, glucose, soda, money, anything really to help wherever they can. People who have been praying tirelessly for those still held hostage in Westgate. We are one.

I do know that the terror act was intended to instill fear in us and in ways it may have. But we shall fight the fear, fight it with hope, with light and with love. We shall meet in open spaces, share laughter and joy after this. We shall mourn the dead and cry with the bereaved. We shall fight darkness with light. We are one.

I pray. I pray for comfort, I pray for peace of heart. I pray for victims still inside, that 2yr old boy and his mother. I pray they make it out safely. I pray that love may prevail.

Now and ever. We are one.

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Do have a blessed day. Get out and be of help to your fellow man anyway you can. Also pray. Pray for the victims, their families, the ones still in there. Pray for the city, pray for the nation. Pray.