Wallpaper Monday [139] – MaThree

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141_Matatu Culture_by Sirnare_blog

Hey guys. This past week I was ranting about how I miss the mats of the late 90’s and I am happy that my friend Sirnare did this illustration paying homage to the Matatu aka Ma3 aka Mathree. I love the image and hopefully you shall too.

If you would like some Mathree culture on your desktop, you can get it in the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

*Android version*

141_Matatu Culture_by Sirnare_Wallpaper_Android

*iPad (mini) & iPhone version*

141_Matatu Culture_by Sirnare_Wallpaper_iPhone

*desktop version*

141_Matatu Culture_by Sirnare_Wallpaper_MAC

141_Matatu Culture_by Sirnare_Wallpaper Monday_App

Do have a fantastic week ahead. God bless you richly.