Wallpaper Monday [133] – The Visionary, Wanyoike [by Macharia]

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135_Wanyoike_by Macharia_blogI loved this image of the Kenyan visually impaired athlete, Wanyoike from the first time I saw it on Macharia’s facebook. I am very happy to feature it today on ‘Wallpaper Monday’. Macharia is an editorial photographer out of Kenya with a background in Architecture and design. His play with light and composites fascinates me and of a lot of work he’s done I was impressed with the heart in this project that he calls ‘Shujaa wa Misuli’. A project to honor our Kenyan sports heroes. It’s a long term project still in progress but you can see the progress and more of his work on his website K63Studio.com I would advice you to check it out.

If your heart is in Kenyan athletics, you could download this wallpaper in the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

*Android version*135_Wanyoike_by Macharia_Wallpaper_Android

*iPad (mini) & iPhone version*135_Wanyoike_by Macharia_Wallpaper_iPhone

*desktop version*135_Wanyoike_by Macharia_Wallpaper_MAC

*facebook cover*135_Wanyoike_by Macharia_Facebook cover

Have a brilliant week y’all. God bless.