Wallpaper Monday [131] – Guru Nanak Rally [guest wallpaper]

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Hi guys. I love to feature other amazing photographers doing amazing work here on Wallpaper Monday and today I feature my friend Mwarv’s work. He has started giving away some of his images as wallpapers too as ‘African Screens’ so please check them out on his website here.

His caption for this image;

“The 2009 Kenya National Rally Championship season ender had its spectator stage at Paradise Lost in Kiambu. I had felt wasted for spending time and money going there as there was just one good shot I’d taken after almost four hours of clicking away. As the sun headed west and the last cars came by, I packed up and was leaving when I decided to try for one last shot. This was it, captured as the VW Golf came round one of the last hair pins.”

Please check out more of his work and if you’re a fan of Rally Car Racing, you can download this wallpaper in the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

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Have a fantastic day y’all. God bless you guys.