Wallpaper Monday [116] – Nairobi..!!

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118_Nairobi Skyline_by Mutua matheka_blog

I’m sorry this post came a little late today. The image i really wanted to share today is this Nairobi sunrise that I shot a while back. Obviously it was mirrored in photoshop. I loved the skies this day and really wanted to share this with you guys. If you love the Nairobi city skyline, this could be for you.

Also, I feel I need to ask all of us Nairobi dwellers, In the forthcoming elections, please go out and vote! How important this is can’t be overstated. I love this city and this country and really pray that it’s future can be in the hands of the people and we can entrust it to able individuals that shall treat the city with the dignity that it deserves. Your vote is your voice and every voice deserves to be heard. VOTE!!

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118_Nairobi Skyline_by Mutua matheka_Wallpaper_LOOK 1

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118_Nairobi Skyline_by Mutua matheka_Wallpaper_LOOK 2

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118_Nairobi Skyline_by Mutua matheka_Facebook Cover

Have a great day and week ahead guys. Plan to VOTE..!!