Wallpaper Monday [112] – City of Lights

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114_City of Lights_by Mutua Matheka_blog

Hey guys. Recently, with the heated up political atmosphere in our country, I get afraid that sometimes it’s easy to forget what you are fighting for or what your cause is. So sometimes when I do, I like to go up to the KICC helipad and see Nairobi in it’s entirety so as to remind myself of what is at stake. To remember that this is what we are trying to protect. Remember that when we entrust our county, our country to a leader, we are entrusting our livelihood, reputation, everything on the hope that they shall represent our best interest and take us to another level. I remind myself that this *see photo above* is what i’m entrusting to my voted leader. With that in mind, my vote and my expression as a voter suddenly becomes a very serious thing.

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In conclusion…I know many that look at this photo shall be saying that it was edited to add lights(you’d be surprised at how many times I hear this) and that Nairobi really doesn’t look like this. I’m only addressing this because I’ve heard it too much to think I should just handle it. The problem is that when people say this, it’s in true belief that this great city of ours can be nothing more than dust, heat and darkness. Few believe that we can even be better than what we already are. It saddens me because the biggest reason I shoot these images is to show you a reality you may not have considered exists and maybe change your perception on our own greatness.

So today for the first time ever, I shall show you the completely unedited version of this photo so that you may see the difference and see what the camera captures first hand. Also remember that this photo is not even shot on my DSLR, this is shot on the Galaxy camera. A high quality point and shoot camera that I shall be reviewing a little later. I took 2 photos and merged them into a panorama to get the sweeping view.

Unedited. Raw.

20130114_195853 Panorama

Final Edit.

114_City of Lights_by Mutua Matheka_blog

So there you go. May convince some, may not. Either way, have a fantastic week oh dwellers of the city of lights and non dwellers too. God bless you very much.