Welcome to my New Home

I have wanted to move my blog here for so long, I’m so happy that the move is finally final. I really do hope that you shall enjoy making this as much a daily experience like you made my former blog. Enjoy clicking and playing with every knob & button until you exhaust them all. Should anything feel unfinished, don’t worry, we are learning and adapting the site as seems most natural to use. We are watching you *said in eerie voice*. Don’t be afraid though.

There is so much for you to go through and enjoy; See my updated portfolio with many new images for your viewing pleasure. Read the blog that gets updated quite regularly. A space specifically about the workshops I shall be holding with my good friend Steve Kitoto. A download section for those who want to download wallpaper but don’t have time to read through my boring monotone of text. A community showcase page where you shall see what other people in Nairobi are shooting on their phones via Instagram.


BAKE Awards 2012

Yes, we WON!! Thanks to you guys who love this site and voted for it and my relatives who I had vote at gunpoint and also people whose secrets I hold and blackmailed them to vote. All you guys rock, thanks. The awards were a cool event at the Serena hotel, we even had cushions for seating on. It was nice. I look forward to what the BAKE awards shall look like next year. No way but up. To other bloggers making their way through these vast un-chattered waters, enjoy the experience and rock on.




















I just posted a few of the many congratulatory tweets I got that day because I am very thankful that I have so many well wishers and even more that watch from the side lines *I see you*. It’s because you guys take an interest in what I do that so much attention is placed on it. For this I am grateful. Let us change our perception of what home is to us and maybe in so doing, we shall change the perception of others about our home. Consider this posting of the tweets my own personal thank you.

Community Showcase Page

This website has been improved further to just make it easier to see some of the beauty that Africa, Kenya, Nairobi has to offer. Explore it, share it. I even have a ‘community showcase page‘, which i’m sure many may not have understood. The idea here is for me to show what others are doing to showcase Nairobi via mobile photography specifically through instagram. So anything that anyone shares on Instagram tagged Nairobi shall show up here. You guys can see what people in Nairobi are sharing through their mobile photography. So go out & shoot.

In relation to that, Instagram is available as an app for both the iOs(iPhones) & Android.

Some Wall Art I did

As I finish my long post, allow me to share some graffiti I did a short while ago at the YWCA. I had the brief to convert the space into a vibrant space that young girls would enjoy being in. I hope I succeeded.

Have a lovely day ahead. God bless all of you guys