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Wallpaper Monday [80] – Fantasy In The City | Mutua Matheka

Wallpaper Monday [80] – Fantasy In The City

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Hey guys, of course there was no planet sneaking up on us. I feel the need to start with that just in case I am accused of changing historical facts by adding galactic features in a photograph. :). So I had this photo taken from the KICC helipad and I thought that I wanted it to be more and so I downloaded planet textures, I then added them because I wanted to create a fantasy inspired piece with this. I hope it works to that regard.


Any one who has followed my work for even the shortest time knows how much I love my city, Nairobi, my country, Kenya and my continent, Africa. Well, I do love the whole world but Nairobi has a special place in my heart. I am keen to use my art to influence change in this city. It may be as small as helping you foster love for your city and country through looking at photographs portraying your city as a wonderful and beautiful place as opposed to the negative stereotype. My good friend David ‘Blackman’ Muthami did think that I could do more with my photography to this end but more on that later. What we are trying to say here is Love your City, be proud of your city, stand up for your city and in the end expect the same from everyone else, leaders, developers, city dwellers. Let us make our country a better place to be in. It’s the small things that matter. Start small and go big, no action is too small.

I’m a City Changer is a global movement convened by the UN Habitat to share and spread individual, corporate and public initiatives that improve our cities.

I have made up my mind to be a city changer. You can too.

PS/  Also, if you picked up the Saturday Nation(a Kenyan newspaper) you may have seen an article on my work in the weekend feature but if not, you can read it on the Nation Media website.

Please follow the conversation and see the photos that people are sharing about being city changers HERE.