#TravelTuesday – Amboseli with Onetouch [Part 1]

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9331

Seldom is there a Onetouchlive trip without some sort of issue that brings about great adventure. This one is no exception.

We left Nairobi on Sunday with a 7 person strong crew and 2 cars, Makeni’s beloved Lisa and my beloved beast, Luanda. First major mishap occurred in Sultan Hamud when Lisa lost a cap or plug in the engine that caused all the oil to spill. We stopped and dealt with it and bought extra oil and topped her up and had her cleaned up (the oil had spilled all over the engine). It wasn’t much of an issue and about an hour later we went on to Emali to fuel there before making the turn to go to Amboseli via Kimana town. At Emali we also checked Lisa again and found a leak. We didn’t wanna risk so we found a mechanic and had her checked. The leak was steering fluid and we had it fixed. Took about and hour but now we were confident enough to head on to Amboseli without an issue. It was around 7pm as we made our way to Kimana (about 90km away). At Kimana you have to turn off the road and do a painful 22km (because of how rough the road is). The rumble strips are insane. If you drive fast over them (like you’re supposed to), you risk sliding off the road. If you drive slow, you risk even more damage to your car. Unless you drive at 10kph.

As we hammer the road that night, it was around 9pm, suddenly Lisa goes off and won’t come on no matter what we do. We are about 10km from Amboseli. We decide to tow her, thankfully I have my tow rope which I have never used (and thanks to the trip, discover it’s crap). It does the job though and finally we get to the park and to the campsite (after tearing the tow rope 3 times).

We set up and had a fire going in about 30 and soon the campsite was smelling of roast chicken. After such a day, the chicken was such a welcome feast. And feast we did. We decided to worry about Lisa the next day and probably get a mechanic to check on her. For now, we sleep. We had a game drive to do the next morning.

At 6am we were at the gate to pay our park fees and headed on to the game drive eager to see elephants. After all, elephants are what brought us to Amboseli. And elephants did we see.

Spoiler Alert: This post has lots and lots of elephants photos

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9310

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9346

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9349

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9359

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9365

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9371

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9380

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9385

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9425

There was a baby boom because we saw so many baby elephants. It was crazy how many there were. I was so happy to see this because, many tuskers in the future. This herd was just a little far so we decided to wait and watch them as they came to cross the road. We observed them for more than an hour while the young ones played and the older ones ate the salty dust that was there.

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9471

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9489


2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9432

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9453

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9443

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9488

Look at the babies play. Some of them were just a few days old judging from their difficulty in walking and controlling their trunks. They’d wave it like they were wondering what the heck that think on their face does.

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9460

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9462

We saw some affection. I don’t if they are friends or siblings.

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9475

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9483

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9487

Can you tell I love elephants.!!??

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9503

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9514

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9541

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9529

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9539

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9512

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9544

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9562

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9549

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9556

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9558

Finally they got closer as they were crossing and we were able to get even more closeups. The calfs were always kept in the center to protect them and give them a gentle nudge when they couldn’t cross a ditch or something like that.

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9589

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9587

2015.09.13-17_OnetouchLive Amboseli-9584

I think if you guys don’t see another elephant for a week you’d be ok. Or not.

Next week we continue the saga of Lisa. What happens next? Teren teren. Be back to find out. Hope you enjoyed today’s photos. Please drop a line below if so, or not.

God bless you.




  • savvykenya

    Totally enjoyed today’s post.. waiting for the next. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to Lisa?

  • I ask, might there be any mailing system in place? Some of us find it hard keeping track of all these wonderful blog posts? #Sigh

  • Paul Mwago

    Absolutely loved today’s post just as always. Mutua there is a way you do to photos that I cant just explain. You cant just get tired watching them..Taht baby elephant squating with front legs..Extraordinary!. And the narrative on the escapades..Totally totally awesome read. And you are so lucky to have such adventures. I cant wait to hear what happened to Lisa as I also wait for Samburu pics. I hear that one area with really panoramic views.. I have already updated my desktop wallpaper both on phone and Desktop. I have had the Flamingo one at Lake Nakuru for quite a while. Keep it up Bro!