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Travel Tuesday – Lake Magadi | Mutua Matheka

Travel Tuesday – Lake Magadi

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-348-2

Hi guys. Some of you that follow my Instagram [@truthslinger], know that some of my friends in OneTouch [@onetouchLive] & I went on a road trip to Lake Natron last week. It was rough and it was amazing. Today I will only share photos from Lake Magadi and next week I shall share the Lake Natron images.

Before anything, let me say that the road to Lake Magadi is no joke. The potholes juxtapose each other in a mad competition to eat up the rest of the tarmac. So know that your car shall take a beating from the road. Even though the stretch is just 60km. It’s a beautiful drive though and a beautiful destination when you get to the Lake.

I will allow the images to speak for me from here.

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron_KZoom-138

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-401

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-399

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-118

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-120

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron_KZoom-197

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron_KZoom-151

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-124

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-364

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-378

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-375

The road goes through a portion of the lake so I imagine that during the rainy season, you can’t go through. Unless you have an amphibian car. Also, driving around on the surface of the lake is awesome. Perfect place to do some stupid driving and splash mud and water.

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-338-2

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-347

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-348-2

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-351

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-350

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-352

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-356

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-114

2015.06.10-11_Lake Natron-392

That’s all for today. If you have any thoughts please share them in the comments below. I’d love to know if I have swayed someone to take this trip and visit Lake Magadi one of these weekends.

God bless you guys.


    Pictures are breathtaking…. I have lived in Magadi for over 15years and have never seen it captured in this light. Pure awesomeness. The road is passable even during the rainy season. One is however adviced to get a tour guide in the township during this time, for obvious reasons!!

    • Thanks a lot Lelian. I lived in Magadi for about 2 years. My very young years in life. Thanks for the advice. Glad to know the roads are still passable. Especially because we are going back soon to camp in a different place.

  • Thoughtsonly

    Absolutely beautiful photos…You must have all had a fantastic time.. How does one join in on your trips, pray tell

    • It was a fantastic road trip and we enjoyed it a lot. About joining, no guarantees unless you already have a 4×4 vehicle. If you do it becomes so much easier. Follow us on Instagram @onetouchLive and possibly me, @truthslinger and it will be possible to share the info there.

      • Thoughtsonly

        Aaahh 4×4 is a work in progress, I already follow both handles… absolutely fascinated with the work you guys do.

  • Petersize10

    Excuse me, Were we on the same trip? *Sells camera*

    • Kellen Kell

      lol. these pics are dope tho. *buys camera*

    • Hehehehe. Kuwa mpole Mr. Award winning photographer. Asante sana.

  • Isabel Wanjui

    Naaaaaaaaaailed it!!!

  • Timothy Kiloo

    Awesome photos, gives one a peace of mind

  • Aloyce Mwabebe

    Amazing Captures Mkubwa.

    Will Have To Do This Again, Last Time Team All Bailed Out On Me Had To Do It Alone. Not Fun.

    • Thanks Aloyce. Sorry man. I hope you still went regardless. This place is quite epic even if you’re alone.

  • Jay H Patel

    Incredible shots, man!

  • Tim Mwangi


  • Faith Ndirangu


  • Nzembi J.

    Absolutely stunning!

    • Nzembi!!! This is even pulled you out of the woodworks :). Thank you.

      • Nzembi J.

        Indeed! haha.

  • Maestroficial Kigღn♥

    Awesome Pics. I love them…

    • Thank you very much Kigen

      • Maestroficial Kigღn♥

        You are very welkam Sir. Always an inspiration.

  • Brian Siambi™

    Amazing work Muts… You never disappoint!

  • Frank Law Kimaro

    Which Camera did you use there…. On that location? Is it Mac 5 D ???

  • Morris De Champagnenuxii

    May God bless you with a Landrover D3. or D4…

  • collins

    wow…amazing scenes men….