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The Majlis in Lamu #TravelTuesday (Part 2 of 3) | Mutua Matheka

The Majlis in Lamu #TravelTuesday (Part 2 of 3)

You guys know I went to Lamu for the first time ever this year of 2017. It was a blast. Lamu was everything I imagined and a blast of reality is that most places won’t meet your mental expectations because the mind is powerful. But what didn’t meet it, surpassed it in other ways. In many other ways.

Last week we were at the amazing Forodhani House in Shela (Read about it Here). It felt like a such a short time because it was. We missed our flight and got there a day later so we stayed there for 3 days as opposed to 4. Cue tears. We left Forodhani and took a boat across to the Majlis.

The Majlis is located on Manda island right across from Shela. You can see the white roofs and brown coral walls from across the channel. At night, you will see the lights dancing on the water from Shela. We took a boat in some choppy, high tide waters in the afternoon. This is normal at this time in Lamu (June, July).

You can actually see this in a video I shot at the Majlis. It’s a video on something that weighed my mind while in Lamu so I decided to make a video about it.

The first thing we saw was this huge villa, with the bluest pool i’d seen and I immediately hopped this would be our room or would contain our room. Amazingly, It was. When we shown to our room, it ended up being a Deluxe room in that villa. We had a beach view in the back of the room and our own swimming pool in the front. By our own, I mean a swimming pool for the villa. There’s another main swimming pool near the bar and dining area but I didn’t swim in that one because why walk far to swim when you have a swimming pool in your yard?

Mrs. M

I mean, look at that pool. Isn’t that the bluest pool ever? Peter knows this. We lived our entire lives at the Majlis in this pool. Every single day.

And this is the main swimming pool. On the right is the bar and restaurant. It looks so beautiful but we didn’t swim here. Not one bit, because, private pool :).

Bar and Restaurant area.

The aim of this Lamu visit was to try and relax after a tough year and an accident that left me on crutches for 2/3 months. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to relax as a photographer in a beautiful place. Arrrgh. I have tried. The only way would be not to bring cameras. Yikes. I don’t know if i’m ready for this kind of extreme relaxation. That said, relax, I did. And shoot, I did too. Best of both worlds.

The Majlis is extremely luxurious. I mean, I am not used to this level of luxury. No, I am not complaining. I could get used to it. The architecture is fantastic. It’s modern but inspired by traditional swahili & arab architecture. White washed walls like most coastal architecture, Coral walls and exquisite handmade furniture. Everything feels and looks like a work of art.

Inside the living room of our villa. The villa has about 7 or 8 rooms, I think.

If you feel very rich,  you could take the royal suite which is further off from our villa and bathed in opulence. You will definitely feel like a king or queen. The staff here are the kindest, most helpful people. This is no surprise being at the Kenyan coast and especially Lamu. People in Lamu are so kind hearted and polite, it’s amazing.

That light though. When a room catches light like this, wife that room or husband it.

There are many things to do in Lamu. I won’t get going on them here, but the staff at the Majlis will be very helpful to you depending on what you want. Water sports, sunset dhow ride, ask them. When we were there, we were invited to go see turtles hatching. It was going to be an activity for the whole afternoon but we had other plans so we didn’t do it. But they told us and invited us which is nice. If you’re open, stuff like this comes up and you have even more to do.

Most of the days at the Majlis were spent swimming and eating and waiting for the rain to pass so we can go back into the pool. Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here. It was a magical experience and I can’t wait to get back here sometime. I will end this with the rest of the photos I took while at the Majlis.

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed this one. I think I wrote much better than last week’s, no?

If you wanna get in touch with The Majlis, do so on their website, themajlisresorts.com and ask them about their rates and what not.

Till next week, be well, be good. God bless ya’ll.