The Evolution of Sara Mitaru

Once in a while you do something that changes your perception of things. It’s not a common experience but when it happens, it’s a very cool thing. That happened to me the first time I saw Sara Mitaru in concert. It was last year? I think so, at Louis Leakey auditorium and I remember it was hard to just shoot as the music was very moving(we all know it’s hard to move and shoot at the same time) but I tried. From that day, I don’t think I have missed any concert she’s at (in Kenya). Why do I bring this up now? Because her annual concert is upon us guys. You may have missed the last one but you can’t miss this one. All details are in this here blog post with a poster at the end but please travel with me through time and see the evolution of Sara Mitaru (at least pictorially). Through the times I have taken photos of her and been privileged to see her perform.

From her concert last year

Footloose Festival, Molo.

The TML 100 concert where she performed her hit single with Nigerian musician, Bez “Can’t keep me from you“.

At the Just-A-Band concert a short while ago in Nairobi.

That said. Here are the concert details.

Did I mention Sara does this public concert only once a year! So this weekend cancel your plans (unless of course the plans were to attend this concert). 8th (Saturday) December, 2012.

For any info or to RSVP email

See you there.