Portraits of a Country :: The El Molo, Turkana

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When in Turkana some time back, we went to visit an El Molo traditional village in North Horr. The El Molo are some of the smallest communities still left in Kenya. Though it isn’t my first instinct to shoot portraits, I decided to jump on the opportunity especially because Joe brought his flash and soft box. it’s always hard to capture portraits in a group guided tour because sometimes you’re in it and then you have to go. This particular time we had to negotiate with the subjects so much before they allowed us to take a photo and even after, we only had about 5 tries each to make the shot we wanted to make. After that, they were closed for business. It was a rush of excitement but also unfortunately there wasn’t time to really connect with the subjects of the shots as we would have wanted to.

Still, enjoy what the little result of the very rushed shoot was.

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