On the road with #OneTouchLive :: Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-17

Our East African Road trip last year got us spending 2 nights in Nyungwe Forest Lodge in Rwanda. A beautiful haven in the Nyungwe rain forest (which is one of the largest protected rain forests in Africa). Our trip was rough and this stop was no doubt a very welcome rest stop. Nyungwe rain forest is a marvel to look at and a place you wouldn’t want to get lost in. The hotel itself is built on a tea farm. They cleared enough for the hotel and kept the tea farm which they allow the locals to harvest and sell the tea for their own profit. It’s their way of giving back.

In Nyungwe, they are big on tea and if you visit this hotel be sure to have nothing but tea at any time possible. They do tea tasting once in a while and have tea experts from around the world to teach visitors about the different teas of the world.

So anyway. I know you didn’t come here to read so on to the photos.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-1

The hotel in the rain forest set with the tea foreground

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-2

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-5

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-6

The hotel entrance lobby.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-8

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-9

A lot of the Interior is designed using products of tea. The table on the left is made using tea twigs. The chandelier here has been made using hundreds of steel tea sieves put together. I loved that fitting.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-10

The dining area.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-11

Breakfast area while enjoying the sun rising over the hills.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-4

Infinity pool overlooking the rain forest. If you’re lucky, you may see baboons.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-12

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-13

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-14

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-15

The rooms.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-20

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-21

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-22

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-23

Detail of the light in the lounge. Again, using tea twigs.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-17

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-16

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-19

Nyungwe Forest Lodge_Mutua Matheka_blog-18

That is all for now. See you on another adventure.

  • http://dexxe.co.ke/ Dexxe Nj

    Awesome. Is all I can say

    • http://mutuamatheka.co.ke/ Mutua Matheka

      Thank you for visiting Dexxe.

  • mwangisk

    Wow! a thousand times Wow! This is so beautiful!

    • http://mutuamatheka.co.ke/ Mutua Matheka

      Thank you so much Mwangi

  • Mark A. Kathurima

    Oh la la! This place is gorgeous! It’s now officially on my #BucketList

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      Kabisa Mark. Ensure you do

  • Laetitiah Magara

    feels like a beautiful place and beautiful photographs!

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      It is. Thank you for checking this out

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    This is so beautiful! Will have to go back to Rwanda for this!

    • http://mutuamatheka.co.ke/ Mutua Matheka

      You have to. This place was too much Savvy. The most sad we were leaving a place.

  • Petersize10

    The interior, the surrounding, the tiny bit of detail in this place was done to perfection. And you have brought that out in these shots. Nice work Muts.

    • http://mutuamatheka.co.ke/ Mutua Matheka

      Thanks man. For me, the beauty in architectural photography is bringing to life, in photos, details that architects worked hard on designing. So success in that is welcome. Thank you.

  • Safari 254

    Excellent shots, they make me want to visit the place :).

    • http://mutuamatheka.co.ke/ Mutua Matheka

      Thanks guys. If you can, go. It was too deadly

  • Juhi Varma

    Definitely wanna visit this place :) lovely pictures man.

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      You should. It was divine. Thank you

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    Mutua, beautiful work!!

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      Thanks a lot Gathoni.