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Nairobi Streets by Night [cinemagraph] | Mutua Matheka

Nairobi Streets by Night [cinemagraph]

KIMATHI STREET_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--7

I have always found Nairobi streets to be quite fascinating by Night with the lights and the people and the matatus behaving badly. But it’s our city and I love it. Today I shall show you guys photos I shot from 2 streets, Kimathi Streets and Kenyatta Avenue on a day I went out to shoot with Mwarv and got to teach a starter, Kimani a few things about night photography. I was shooting a time-lapse which I have made a small GIF for at the end of this post so kindly be patient and watch some lights fly by.

KIMATHI STREET_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--9

KIMATHI STREET_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--8

KIMATHI STREET_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--6

KIMATHI STREET_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--2

KIMATHI STREET_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--1

That was Kimathi Street above and below Kenyatta Avenue.

KENYATTA AVE_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--1

KENYATTA AVE_BLOG_by Mutua Matheka--2

And some cinemagraphs. If you don’t know what a cinemagraph is, I can best explain it as a photo with moving parts. Like the ones below.



Do have a speedy day guys, won’t you. God bless.