My trip to Kisite Mpunguti

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Hi guys. Today I’d like to share photos from one of my best experiences of 2012, snorkelling at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park in Shimoni on the Kenyan coast. I’d taken this trip with a few friends (photographers) of OneTouch for our OneTouch Live road trip edition. Our experiences started with camping at the K.W.S offices & campsite the night before knowing that the first thing we’d do the next day was go to the marine park for a day of water and fun.

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Our guide had booked us a boat there and we were soon on the way.

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The Marine park is about one hour on boat and you pass Wasini Island and many other Islands that are not habited which we were told is intentional as no fishing is allowed in the marine park.

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It was very interesting as our guide told us, how they (inhabitants of Shimoni, Wasini area) take great care of the park by observing the K.W.S rules like not to fish in the park area, not to use extra fast boats. They keep their speeds at a minimum so as not to disrupt the fish. The guides don’t crowd around the dolphins too. They have to have a way out if they want to swim away.

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Park Under Siege.

Today however, I woke to sad news that the National marine park shall be sold off. You can read the whole article to have an idea of what i’m talking about. It’s so sad as I had planned to visit this place at least yearly to swim with the fishes. This is an experience you can’t forget after you have it and this great piece of our heritage and beauty can’t be sold out. If you are in agreement (and you should) please sign this petition to try and convince the government of Kenya to do something about Kisite Mpunguti. Your participation as a Kenyan is so crucial. To friends of Kenya and nature lovers worldwide, help us save our park. Take part and sign the petition, we shall be entirely grateful if we keep this in the hands of the K.W.S.

I know many may be skeptical about this. You may wonder if it shall make a difference, maybe it shall maybe it shall not, but allow me to ask you if I may, How does doing NOTHING help?