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My first time in Lamu #TravelTuesday (Part 1 of 3) | Mutua Matheka

My first time in Lamu #TravelTuesday (Part 1 of 3)

I’ll just confess this upfront, this was supposed to be a vacation trip with minimal photo taking so photos are less than usual.

That said, it was my first time ever in Lamu. Yay + Shame all at once. Because seeing as i travel a LOT in this country, it’s a shame I hadn’t been to Lamu yet. But once an opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it by the errrrm, horns, horns!

Also, I made a video in Forodhani House. It’s about my gear for traveling and taking photos. Check it out!

I won’t have expert opinions in this post. Just wanna share some of the photos I took. One thing I really hoped to achieve in Lamu is shoot the Swahili architecture. I didn’t do much of it outside of the houses I slept in but they presented dope opportunities for shooting architecture. Forodhani House in Shela was the first place we stayed and wow! I love every bit of that house.

Fun story, we missed our flight while caught by traffic so we had to go the next day. We missed one whole day in Lamu. One. Whole. Day!!!

Another fun story, we woke up to shoot the sunrise on one end of Shela where there are sand dunes. Beautiful view from up there. Shortly, we have some KDF (Kenya Defence Forces) guys come to ask what we are doing here. We find they have a base near the dunes and so they thought we were a security threat. After some conversation they were easy and started making conversation about Nairobi but then the super bad one came and chased us off like dogs. He was rough and told us we should not be shooting there! I wonder where you can actually take photos in this country without someone in a ¬†uniform questioning you and/or saying you can’t.

This is TJ during the questioning. He wasn’t happy. It’s getting really tired Kenya. Let us get our act together. Let’s not make TJ this sad or tired again.

Back to Forodhani House. I love the general openness of Swahili architecture in the coast. This is because of how hot it is there. Unfortunately, we were there in the cold part of the year. Even rainy. Still, not cold cold just not as warm as it usually is. One of my fave things in the coast though is to sit outside in the night and do nothing. You know. When you just sit out there looking at the sky and feeling too lazy to go pick up your phone so you just laze more but you’re really not sleepy so you just vegetate (yes, it’s a word). Sometimes good ideas come out of this vegetative state, sometimes not.

Forodhani House has these outside chill areas everywhere in the house. At this ground level, at the other levels outside the bedrooms, on the roof. You can’t be in lack of somewhere to vegetate.

The way it works here is you have chefs that make you anything you want. They are really good at making a lot of stuff so you just agree on what to eat and they shop and cook for you. Leaving you more time to vegetate, or swim. They did an amazing job and we managed to keep it within our budget.

The rooftop is perfect for being alone or just snooping on the neighbourhood. The view of Shela is amazing and on the other side is the ocean.

So as you can probably tell, this blog is without much direction so let me just stop typing and drop a few more photos. Words aren’t making sense in my head as I type them. It’s all jumbled up. Sooooo, enjoy the photos.

Hope you enjoyed that. Sorry about my writing being all over the place and really disconnected. Try focus on the photos.

Forodhani house on the web for enquiries and anything else.

Check back next week for part 2 and to see where we headed to next after Forodhani house. I promise I will be more coherent then. God bless y’all. Be good.