Shooting Kenya :: The Episode of the Falls [Mobile Edition]

Hey guys. I hope y’all are good and enjoying the Olympics (even as I wish I were there). I’d like to share a few photos that I captured on my phone as a few friends and I went out to tour our country (#ShootingKenya). You may remember my first post from the mobile edition at Elementaita shared on this blogpost. So OneTouchLIVE last week went out to explore different water falls around Thika(central Kenya). We saw Thika falls, Chania falls and Fourteen falls. The views were really breathtaking and the sounds deafening. The stones were slippery and a few of us dunked their cameras in the water. One survived the dunk and was back to work in a few minutes while one wasn’t very lucky. He couldn’t shoot the rest of the journey :(. I, too, fell into the water once but my camera stayed above water level. I had to walk barefoot for a while though, until I bought a pair of slippers in Thika. Thank God for Bata.

So anyway, I like to share the images that I shoot using my phone because I hope it can encourage anyone who may be interested in taking cool photos as they tour our beautiful country but feel that they have to be gear heavy. No you don’t. Don’t miss moments just because you feel you have inferior equipment. If I can shoot these, you probably can. And if not, no harm done, sit and take in the view, enjoy it and be at peace. Sometimes I think we store too many memories in our cameras and very little in our heads. Sometimes you need to chill and take it all in.

All these were shot and edited on phone using Pixlr O Matic(get this app. You shan’t regret it). Then Instagram is really cool for finalizing and sharing.

Well…on to the photos.

The culprits; Mwarv (@mwarv), Joe (@jaydabliu), Kevin (@sirnare), Kanyingi (@nyingez), Steve (@stevekitots), Kelvin (@kevjapicha) & I. In no particular order.

Joe capturing the sunrise. We stopped on Kangundo road to capture the sunrise.

That opening in the sky made our morning, considering it was very cloudy.

We hunted for chapatis in Thika till we found some. So it was breakfast…..

…..then inspiration from 500px as we finished up on breakfast.

First waterfall to see was Chania falls. You access this one via Blue Post hotel. They wanted to charge us 25,000 to shoot down there(yes, crazy. I don’t know what they were smoking). Thankfully Mwarv spoke to them and they agreed for us to shoot at the normal fee for guests which is 200.

That climb back up was not fun.

Joe getting his shot just before he took a small tumble. It was his birthday that day so I guess nature did us a favor.

I think the water got to us.

Yep. Definitely something in the water.

Then it was another climb up after shooting Thika falls.

I have to say though, Fourteen falls was the mother. It seemed that the other two were just preparation for this.

Another capture of Joe going for the shot. Glad he didn’t fall off after this one. It was a precarious position.

I had lost all hope of capturing a sunset but then there it was so we kinda chased the location to the other side of the river and captured this. My work here was now done.

At the end, we enjoyed our scary boat ride back to safety. Tired but very happy with what we had seen. We have a beautiful country folks and I hope we are willing to do what we have to inorder to protect it.

Have yourselves a fantastic weekend. God bless y’all.