Lake Magadi by Bike and other Stories

Hello guys. It has been a while since I wrote a piece on here but one of the developments is that I just recently started vlogging on Youtube and I will share some of the episodes here but please check out my channel as I am releasing weekly videos now (Yay Me).

Last year I did a road trip to Magadi in the most fashionable way I could at the time, on a Bike. It was a big adventure mostly because 1. I was alone, 2. I hadn’t been on a bike for a couple of years, 3. I had never ridden this far before ever!! Either way I decided to give it a try. It was so hectic. there was lots of getting stuck and the bike dying and getting lost and more but all these make for great adventure in my books.


The moment called for a selfie. I promise it’s not normal behavior.

The road is better than before but let this not give you hope, it’s still horrible. Or maybe it was my lack of biking experience. I suffered through the ride and from the shaking. The bike ride itself was epic but the shaking wasn’t. It took me about 3hrs to get to Magadi. The hot springs campsite isn’t far from Magadi town but having gotten to Magadi at almost dark night, I had to get the help of a mzee who almost had me dunked in mud, got himself stuck and I had to push him out through ankle deep murky mud. Yuck.

It had rained the day before in Magadi. Heavy rain. It wasn’t expected (according to our guide)

*My friends who were in Magadi recently told me that they have introduced a photography fee. Bummer. I am not sure how much the fee is but now they use the bodaboda guys to spy on visitors and tell the guys at the gate. No escape. Be warned.


I wanted to share some of the photos I shot in Magadi and some of the lessons too.

When camping, even if it rains, always sleep on the ground. It’s a lot more comfortable than setting your tent on the roofed cemented shed even if it’s under the rain. We hid out because of the rain and the hard cement did a number on some people.

I feel like I don’t need to say this but always get up early to shoot the sunrise and stay out to shoot or see the sunset. If you can handle it, stay up late and see the stars. It’s dark and far from city life. This makes for great entertainment in the wild. If you are a photographer, shoot (for) the stars.

When it rains, prepare yourself for Drama with a capital D. Getting stuck isn’t a far off theory.

Always test the vehicles you are using. Be sure they can handle whatever terrain you take them to. It’s a lot more fun when you don’t and get surprised but if you’re the type that plans ahead, test your vehicles and know what to do in eventualities. Carry spares if you suspect hardships ahead. I did neither of what I am suggesting here and if you watch the video, you will see why that wasn’t a good idea.

Carry a tripod if you are shooting. It will keep things steady and you’d rather have a tripod and not use it, than not have one and find that you need it.

Shani, Steve Kitots & Pau shooting some landscapes and flamingo

Always dip yourself in hot springs or lakes if you find any. Swimming costume or not. On a related note, always carry your swimming costumes because you never know. If the situation is hopeless, at least dip your toes in the water.

The natural Hot tubs of the hot springs

If shooting video, think of it beforehand and figure out the story so that you shoot intentionally. Clearly, I didn’t do so. It’s why my video is all over the place. It will get there in due time though.

Ok, that’s all I can think about now. I hope you enjoyed the videos. Be good and God bless.

  • Omar Salim

    Awesome Vlog…. Would you know if they allow drone photography..