Introducing #MiniSlinger

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-21

3 months ago,the Lord blessed us with this precious gift of a son and what I thought I knew about love changed. This little guy has invaded our lives and we couldn’t be happier. One minute he drives us crazy and the next minute he makes us miss him so much because he’s asleep for a bit *sigh*. We wouldn’t change this for the world. He is everything.

Amarii Jabu Mutua, you shall do greater things than your father ever did or imagined.

I shot these images when he was 3 weeks old. A while back but it’s about time y’all got to meet him too and share our joy.

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-4

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-22

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-9

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-13

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-6

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-29

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-33

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-27

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-26

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-15

Jabu_Week 3_Blog_Mutua Matheka-12

My prayer; Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” May it be the same for you, son.

  • D.od Michaela

    beautiful portraits of him, he is so cute:) Hope fatherhood is treating you well!

    • Mutua Matheka

      Thanks Diana. Fatherhood is the best. Not knowing what you’re doing most of the time is an interesting way to live.

  • Faith Ndirangu

    cute cute cute! nice to meet you Amari….should make that face to face soon. May you grow in wisdom and stature indeed.

    • Mutua Matheka

      Btw you haven’t seen him ana kwa ana. The atrocity. You need to come ama tutamlete huko mbio mbio

      • Faith Ndirangu

        you can’t even imagine the shame! Hiyo jokes nitawacha sasa..

        • Mutua Matheka

          Good. Kama shame iko hata sita rub in. Kuja

  • kgee

    well done Mutua. and Noni. I hope we get to meet him sometime soon!

    • Mutua Matheka

      Thanks KGee. You better. Noni said there’s a meal in this house with your names on it when you guys get back here.

  • Wamboi Kay

    Aaaw! His so tiny he can fit in an uteo! He is precious!

    • Mutua Matheka

      Hahaha. Yes, he was. Not any more (unless I get a larger uteo)

  • Steven Kitoto

    Soo Cool!!!

    • Mutua Matheka

      Thanks a lot buanna

  • Njeri Kairu

    He is so precious. :) I wish you a wonderful experience parenting Amari full of love and Joy. :) Beautiful Work Mutua. Oh Loving the colors too :)

    • Mutua Matheka

      Thank you. Loved the colors too. Btw, that’s a carpet, not grass.

  • kui

    amazing!!! just wondering how long it took to get this series, he seems so at peace!!!

    • Mutua Matheka

      Thanks Kui. It took a total of about 2hrs. I put him on the uteo to sleep and put him near the heater so he could stay naked and warm. 30min into sleep, I started shooting. He stayed asleep through most of it.

  • janet nzisa

    Is he dimpled?……saw a sneak peek of it on the last shot…lovely work Mutua and good prophesy for your cute son….:)

    • Mutua Matheka

      I think he is. My wife sees the dimples but I don’t. But looking at that last photo I definitely see a dimple. Thank you.

  • Kawiria

    Absolutely stunning, love the pics. Now it makes many of us want toto’s. May God bless lil’ Amari.

    • Mutua Matheka

      Thank you Kawiria. And by all means go get one (may your fiancé not hear me)

  • Jemu Saita

    Bless the Lord.

    • Mutua Matheka

      Bless the Lord indeed!!

  • Terry Muhomah

    Mutua!!! This is absolutely…… #happy sigh! I am speechless!!!

    • Mutua Matheka

      Thank you Terry. Glad you are :)

  • Amunga

    Ala! Hana ndevu?

  • Sheena

    Very beautiful pictures of a beautiful child! Is that a carpet by the way or grass?

    • Mutua Matheka

      Ahsante sana. Ni carpet ya nyumba :)

  • Sylvia Fanali

    This was breath taking , Praise God !!! and thank you for sharing .

  • swabra

    :-)…no beard?!breathtaking pics,beautiful baby mutua

  • Wanjeri

    Beyond adorable! Love the soft glow and the yummy green carpet and the basket and the baby. Love it all, aaaaaaahhhh!!! Congrats again you lovely people, you!

  • Stephanie Wanderi

    I will spoil Jabu with my all. just give me some time :)