Floating Faces

Sometime back, I planned a shoot with Steve Kitoto for execution with Thogi (the model). The idea was to have her in water and use milk and water color. We found an old bath tub, thanks to Efi (@efi_m) that was lying around in open space so we threw some water around it to scrub it and it was ready for work. We filled it with water and the experimentation began. Ashley(@ashleenena), our make up artist got Thogi ready and soon enough she was stepping into the cold bathtub water (I don’t envy you btw, Thogi).

Shoots like these happen when it has been a while since I did a people shoot. This was one of those days. Some BTS(behind the scenes) photos first.

A bit of the setup. We gelled one speedlite with a cocktail of colors to get a nice red accent color and used another speedlite on an enormous octabank soft box for the main light.

It was a mess down there. A beautiful mess, I think.

Assembly of the octabank softbox for the shoot (by Steve and Efi). It’s huge.

And finally, for the product of the shoot. Get your coke’s and coffee and enjoy.

So thankful to all that helped make this shoot an amazing experience.

Photographers: Mutua Matheka & Steve Kitoto

Model: Thogi (follow her on Facebook)

Make Up: Ashley Makena (@ashleenena)

Assistant: Ephraim Muchemi (@Efi_M)


That’s all from me today. If you liked this, you could leave a kind note in the comments below. If you didn’t, well, you can also let me know in the comment section below :). Have a great day and God bless y’all.

36 Responses to Floating Faces

abdulphotography says: November 20, 2012 at 11:34 am

suhweet..however if i may, there are little specs of dirt or something that don’t feel right. i feel they shouldn’t be part of the picture..2nd last and 3rd last pictures. ama what do you guys think? .

Awesomemoxie says: December 12, 2012 at 7:10 pm

iiDon’t like it… iiLove it.
Thogi’s plain beautiful.
The photography is pure ART.
Lovely model, lovely photography = A picture worth a thousand and one words.
*Mapenzi.Love* :)


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