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Capture Kenya :: Central Kenya | Mutua Matheka

Capture Kenya :: Central Kenya

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Toward the end of last year, a couple of photographers; Allan Gichigi, Gathoni Kinyanjui, Migwa ‘Migz’ Nthiga, Tom Otieno & I got a super chance to travel around the country taking photos for Safaricom’s 2014 calendar. I got the route to Isiolo photographing all over Central province to North Eastern. It was a brilliant, though hurried (we were on a tight deadline) experience and we made the most of it. Today I want to start sharing some of the photos I shot during the period, most of these didn’t make it into the calendar but were exhibited during the launch (some not).

Starting in Mwea. Kenya’s premier rice farming area with rice paddies as far as the eye can see. Day 1 of the shoot was spent here getting shots of the people at work and life on the rice paddies.

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Then we proceeded to Nyeri with big hopes of capturing Mt. Kirinyaga or as we call it, Mt. Kenya. However the fog had a different idea and I only got some glimpse of the sun at sunrise (it got clearer later in the day though). My biggest surprise was seeing Zaina falls. We had to hike about an hour just to get there and find that we had a very small path from which to shoot. The rest was steep slopes (frustrating).

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Did I mention that we got this guy to dive 3 times into the raging waters of River Sagana just so we could get this shot and a few others.

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And that’s all folks. This is a very different look from what I photograph but I loved the assignment and enjoyed shooting a different side of what I normally shoot. I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. I shall share more of the Capture Kenya shots in later blog posts.

For more from the whole process of Capture Kenya, please visit the official website of Capture Kenya.